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  1. Kart Directory UK

    Trade Promotion What Do We Offer?

  2. Kart Directory UK

    Trade Promotion Supporting The Orange Army!

  3. Kart Directory UK

    Trade Promotion Beginning Cooler, Before Ramping Up!

    August started on the cooler side, compared to the final day of July which struck a staggering 37.8°C at Heathrow, London. Yesterday we saw temperatures within London hit 26°C, before a forecast temperature of 23°C today. The question is what does the week ahead have in store for us… Monday...
  4. Kart Directory UK

    Trade Promotion Website Updates - Kart Directory

    Good Evening, There has been numerous changes throughout the website, to increase compatibility with mobile devices. This had brought more optimised images to lessen data usage, and speed up website loading times. The main pages has seen the new logo added to the site, along with menus. This...
  5. Kart Directory UK


    Welcome To The Kart Directory - Powered By JMWForecast Limited The Kart Directory is a new business within karting providing The Ultimate Karting Directory for British Karters. The Kart Directory has partnered with JMWForecast - Motorsport &, to provide a wealth of...
  6. Kart Directory UK

    Trade Promotion iRacing Month Subscription Competition

  7. Kart Directory UK

    Trade Promotion New Feature | Karting Businesses

    Good Evening, On 1st May 2020 JMWForecast released a new feature named Karting Businesses. This new feature offers a space for businesses within the karting section of motorsport, to promote their product or service. We understand that many of you have seen great promotion and visibility via...
  8. Kart Directory UK

    Trade Promotion Kart Series Weather Forecasts

    Good Evening, Throughout today I have been gathering information on numerous kart series, which will be taking place across the United Kingdom throughout 2020. Completed: - Cadet Kart Championship - CKC - Daniel Ricciardo Series UK To Be Completed: - British Kart Championships - British...
  9. Adam

    General Race Circuit Closures

    If you havn't seen it already, check before you confirm your plans! Storm Dennis may have other plans.... Race Circuit Closures reported by @JMWForecast
  10. Adam

    News Kart Circuit Directory- Now Live!

    Kart Circuit Directory is proud to announce we now host an amazing Kart Circuit Directory powered by JMWForecast! Use the feature rich directory to find a Kart Circuit, it's location, contact information, event information, live timing results and also fantastic detailed...
  11. Kart Directory UK

    Trade Promotion Think Winter Has Given Up? Well Chart Data Says Otherwise!

    It looks like winter is just getting started with a couple of weeks, turning cold, with the future suggesting a colder spell, as we end February and start March. You can find our latest post at: ( Winter Is Not Over Yet - JMWForecast )...
  12. Kart Directory UK

    Trade Promotion Work Complete

    Good Evening, All 32 kart circuits now feature the up-to date design, featuring club links, location and weather information. This can be accessed: ( Kart Circuits – JMWForecast ) Remember our Android App
  13. Kart Directory UK

    Trade Promotion Whilton Mill Round 1

    Cold air is set to begin moving across the United Kingdom this weekend, and during the early part of next week. Grab your weather forecast for Whilton Mill Kart Club:
  14. Kart Directory UK

    Trade Promotion Android App

    New Android App The app is a 100% copy of the website, contains exactly the same information, in the same style and positioning. The app allows quick access from the App Draw or Home Screen when required quickly.
  15. Kart Directory UK

    Trade Promotion Shenington Kart Club - Cold Weather Advisory

    Sunday 19th January 2020 will see the surface temperature fall to -4/-5°C. It will be slow to thaw with a maximum surface temperature at 3.8°C. The air temperature has the potential to hit 5°C if the cloud cover builds. With clear skies expected all day the temperature is set to struggle...
  16. Kart Directory UK

    Trade Promotion Met Office - Cold Weather Alert

    Code Yellow - Level 2: Alert & Readiness Affected Regions - South East England, South West England, East Midlands, West Midlands & East Anglia --- Code Green - Level 1: Winter Preparedness & Action Affected Regions - North East England, North West England & Yorkshire and Humber. --- There is a...