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  1. Kart Directory UK

    Trade Promotion Weather Forecasts - 11th &12th July 2020

    Fulbeck Kart Club - BPEC: - HKRC - Two Day Practice: - Rissington Kart Club - Daniel Ricciardo Series UK: - Shenington Kart Racing Club - SKRC" - Club100: -...
  2. Kart Directory UK

    Job Vacancy Rissington Kart Club - Marshals Needed

  3. Kart Directory UK

    Trade Promotion Website | Development & Updates

    Good Evening All, I hope that you are all staying well, and staying as active and sane as possible during these challenging times, that all of us face. I am here to re-assure you that JMWForecast remains very much open for business, and will continue to issue general UK forecasts, even though...
  4. Adam

    News Host Migration, Sorry For The Downtime!

    Host Migration First off I'm really sorry for the recent downtime we have had the past few weeks, it's been getting quite consistent. I have had a few moments of madness shouting at my screen :confused: enough was enough! Maybe you guys did too? We made the jump a few days ago to switch...