honda cadet

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  1. CraigBrown4004

    Technical Honda GX160 Clutch Change

    Newbie alert! Just bought my son a Honda cadet and need to change the clutch for different gearing for Bayford meadows. Couldn’t see anywhere online, can anyone tell me if it has a reverse thread on the shaft for the main nut? Also if anyone knows what rear sprocket to use for Bayford, that...
  2. F100

    Trade Promotion Buckmore Park is Back!!!!

    To enter the event, click here
  3. For Sale Very Strong Honda Cadet Engine for sale with a mean of 7.00 on RPM dyno

    Excellent engine and always maintained to the highest standard. This engine has a proven pedigree with a previous top 10 in Super One and incredible torque through the whole range. Can compete at British Champs level and happy to provide a dyno comparison against any other engine or arrange a test.
  4. For Sale Project one Honda cadet

    Complete package !!! Project one Honda cadet with an ex Ben/Ella Stevens championship winning gx200 engine that’s newly refreshed. A very strong gx160 as spare with multiple wheels track rod ends exhausts uprights and trolley included. Β£2000 very reluctant sale. More photos on request please...
  5. Adam

    General Check out RPM Racing Engines "Lockdown Raffle"

    For those who havn't seen there current promotion, please check out RPM Racing Engines recent "Lockdown Raffle". If you are after a strong and powerful Honda Cadet power plant then give this a go!