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  1. General Dead-end for my professional Karting?

    Ok so a bit about me. I am 14 years old, British and dreaming of becoming some sort of Racing driver, this is where it gets complicated. A while back I have been putting in a lot of great results finishing 2nd and setting best laps on arrive and drive races etc. This is where I got confident and...
  2. Technical Needing help on clutch issues

    Hi all I’m new to all this but hopefully your the one that can help me out….. Got my son a kart off eBay all working mint until this weekend when the clutch decided to give up on him, I’ve taken the clutch drum off and 2 of the three clutch friction metal things has snapped clean off 🤭 .. so...
  3. General Newbie!!

    Hey folks Just getting into Karting for my daughters, my eldest is 13 and wants to race, we've a otk kosmic 2019 chasis, currently have honda 160 and 200 engines but can't find any championship for her to race in. Based Staffordshire, anyone know what engine she needs to be able to enter some...