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  1. GPchris98

    General Bayford testing

    Anyone testing this coming Sunday?
  2. Gibby

    Driver Journal Michael Gibbons - Senior Rotax 177 #44

    12 years go was the last time I sat in a Rotax as a junior. Now 27 & alot larger than I was at 15 put me into the Senior Rotax 177. Usually coming in around the 183-185kg. Need to work some weight off for sure! So I purchased a 2020 GMS complete chassis & engine from Dave at GMS. As it's not...
  3. GPchris98

    Driver Journal James Tomsett

    2018 junior subaru champion 2018 BMKR driver of the year 2020 25th in the British championship in senior rotax(first attempt) Bayford meadows junior subaru lap record 50.3 Bayford meadows senior rotax lap record (maxxis sports) 45.88 Drives for GMS Motorsport
  4. Adam

    General Bayford Meadows On-Board with Tom Lawson

    Bayford Meadows On-Board with Tom Lawson. A great insight into getting in some 'quick laps' at Bayford Meadows. Just remember what works for Tom, may not work for you. But an epic insight either way! Tom's last meeting's results in Rotax 177 posted by GMS: Date: 18/07/21 Qualifying: P1...