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  1. For Sale 2018 alonso, supertune senior evo, complete kart and spares

    2018 alonso chassis Supertune senior evo 3hrs and log book Bought the kart to race this year and only been out 3 times in practice, was ment to race the nkc in it (reason for brand new maxis) due to covid DONT now have the funds đŸ˜ĸ(chain guard is there just not on when photos where taken)...
  2. For Sale Rotax Retirement Sale, Everything you need, Evo Kart and Trailer and loads

    I have for sale a complete retirement sale; my son is 15 and has decided he wants to move over to cars. I have for sale the complete package that is built on a 2019 ex Race Team chassis together with a Junior recent rebuilt Rotax Evo setup, this was recent refreshed by DG racing and it had about...
  3. Adam

    Karting Tutorial Service Your Rotax Max Clutch

    This video is made by Power Republic, check their channel out here.
  4. Technical Oil for Rotax EVO

    Hi all. I'm after a bit of (rookie) advice. I've bought my first ROTAX max EVO (upgraded chrome top). I have bought some Shell advance racing M stroker oil to run it with as that is what the previous owner ran. At my first meet the guys noticed my oil was clear and theirs was blue dyed.... Are...
  5. For Sale Rotax Evo Engine

    2018 Rotax evo engine 10 hours bottom 2 on top end. Championship winning engine rye house 2018