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  1. racingdriverdirectory

    Off-Topic Introduction - racingdriverdirectory

    Hi everyone, Thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Tom and I run Racing Driver Directory which (yup, you guessed it) is a directory for racing drivers of all skills, ages and categories. Looking forward to chatting to you all. Thanks
  2. Kart Directory UK

    Trade Promotion Kart Circuit Fresh Design Fast Tracked!

    Good Evening, Tonight has seen a fresh new design for kart circuits get fast tracked, to aid efficiency of the website, along with continued efforts to improve mobile compatibility, whilst reducing data usage furthermore. This decision was made based on the great response we have seen with the...
  3. Kart Directory UK

    Trade Promotion Kart Series Weather Forecasts

    Good Evening, Throughout today I have been gathering information on numerous kart series, which will be taking place across the United Kingdom throughout 2020. Completed: - Cadet Kart Championship - CKC - Daniel Ricciardo Series UK To Be Completed: - British Kart Championships - British...
  4. Kart Directory UK

    Trade Promotion Kart Circuit Directory Is Live!!

    Good Evening All, You may or may not be aware, that myself over at JMWForecast Limited has been working on a Kart Circuit Directory over recent weeks/months. After a few problems with getting information, and then a database problem I'm happy to announce, that the page has been completed and is...