comer c50

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  1. Team13Karting

    Sold Birel Bambino, Strong Motor and Spares Package

    2014 Birel Chassis, lasers straight. Is actually a “mix some fuel and go” outfit” 😉😂 (Obviously limited use over the past two seasons due to COVID) Soixante prepared motor with solid clutch and selected carburetor (which has just been ultrasonically cleaned). Showed 3.29 on their dyno...
  2. ant_mccaffrey

    General Comer c50 Price

    Hi All, My son's CRG kart runs a Comer c50 but it's not sealed and doesn't have a log book. We think he could benefit from a new engine to keep up with the other kids in his class so we've been speaking with Venom about potentially buying one from them. Does anyone know what his current engine...
  3. Technical Top kart bambino

    Hi guys, a newbie bambino owner. I’ve bought a top kart bambino 2012. I wanted a tin of aerosol red paint to tidy up the underside, just wondered if anyone had an idea of a colour code or something close to it. It’s the original colour I believe. Many thanks in advance Andy
  4. Readiescards

    For Sale Â£750 RK Bambino Comer C50 (untagged) ideal first kart (suit age 5-8) + optional spares ALFORD

    RK Kart with untagged Comer C50 engine £750 Collection only - no delivery Optional items: Tommy Terminator MSA Tagged Comer C50 engine £850 Nearly new LeCont tyres on nearly new wheels available for £225 Stand £35 Boots £15 Various other bits and bobs e,g, jets, engine parts, wheel spacers £50...
  5. For Sale Comer c50 engines x 2

    We are selling both JJ Lowes comer c50 engines They are MSA tagged, sealed & come with log books. The first engine we started out with from new from zip north has had the seals, bearings, rings, clutch springs, roller bearings & dellorto calibrated jets were all done/fitted 9.3 hours ago The...