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  1. Adam

    Karting Tutorial OTK Chassis RAL Colour Codes

    OTK Chassis RAL Colour Codes RAL colours so you can select the correct colour to get your chassis touch up paint or re-powder coated (Found from various speculated internet sources): OTK Tony Kart - 6029 / OTK Alonso - 5015 / OTK Redspeed - 3000 OTK Kosmic - 5013 / OTK Exprit - 4007 / OTK...
  2. Adam

    Karting Tutorial OTK Chassis Setup Guide

    OTK Chassis Setup Guide A very informative OTK/TonyKart chassis setup guide found on KartWiki. Setup guide attached to this post in PDF format for easy access and to preserve the document. Click on the attachment to open/download the guide.
  3. Technical Chassis Homologation

    Can anyone help on where i can a list of homologated chassis for Junior max as cant find to see any. I did look in the motorsport uk blue book but couldnt see it. Maybe i was looking in wrong place. New to all this so any help would be appreciated.
  4. For Sale Kart Chassis - Spare

    Haase kart chassis unused for approx 7 years, been gathering dust and need the space. Collection only.
  5. Technical Help identifying Chassis

    I’ve acquired a chassis which myself and son are going to use to build an electric kart. Whilst we could fabricate lots of parts would be much quicker for our first build together if I could identify parts that will fit directly to the chassis etc brackets and spares and stop him from getting...
  6. Technical Newbie question about weld repairs

    Hello Newbie posting here. I've been looking at a seemingly decent 2nd-hand chassis for my son. The only issue is it has a welded repair where the seat strut/support meets the main frame. Is this a normal issue/repair i.e. nothing to worry about or should I be cautious about this when choosing a...
  7. General Identifying a Kart?

    Guys, Im trying to identify my recent purchase of two pro-karts. Ill start with the first one (Green) and the pics of the second (Black) but Ive not located a Chassis number yet. I found the chassis number HPA267 and contacted Wright karts as its got their stickers on, however its not one of...
  8. For Sale Tony kart 2020 rolling chassis

    Tony kart 2020 rolling chassis New in October 2020 used for 1 meeting last year 2 race meetings this year Very quick kart (177 class) Clay pigeon 34.4s Dunks 47.0s Kart will come with NEW otk seat. Set of full mag rims Set of NEW otk half mags All genuine OTK tony kart parts. Rear axle...
  9. For Sale Synergy 2019 platinum x

    Great chassis just had new bearings 07725741509
  10. LE#99

    For Sale Synergy Iame Cadet Kart

    Synergy lightweight chassis for Sale All as per photo. £600-00 for the chassis £1500-00 for chassis & strong Iame engine. Open to sensible offers Can collect from Daventry, Whilton Mill, Shenington, PFI or Kimbolton. Contact Jack Dex on 07909 755 656 or or...
  11. LE#99

    For Sale Tal-Ko TKM Outfit for Sale

    Tal-Ko TKM Outfit for Sale All complete as per photo, just needs air filter. £995-00 Open to offers Can collect from Daventry, Whilton Mill, Shenington, PFI or Kimbolton. Contact Jack Dex on 07909 755 656 or or
  12. Sold For sale is a 2017 Octane rolling chassis in very good condition

    (No engine) Rolling chassis with IMAF seat, new brake pads, updated steering column and new bearings fitted and not used since. Straight clean chassis with no welds. Never been raced only ever used for practice/fun, comes with 2 sets of silver jet rims one has used mojo wets on them. Needs a new...
  13. For Sale CRG KT2 Late 2017

    Hi all, Considering putting my chassis up for sale! Have a new chassis on the way CRG KT2 Front bearings replaced (30th August) Rear bearings replaced ((30th August) Rose jointed replaced Stub axle bearings replaced The smallest of rubbing on the underside! Skid plates always used! Has...
  14. For Sale 2016 Tony kart 401 racer rolling chassis

    • 2016 Tony kart 401 racer rolling chassis • Fitted with genuine OTK junior pedal relocation kit. • Recently had new rear pads, new front wheel bearings. • Tillett junior quarter covered seat. • Chassis fitted with skid plates. • New genuine sticker kit fitted when I purchased the kart. • Only...
  15. Kart Monkey Garage

    For Sale Deavinson sprint

    Deavinson sprint 1993 fully restored and ready to race in pre 95
  16. Team13Karting

    General Compkart Covert - First Thoughts As Promised!

    As promised a few weeks ago on here and via the medium of Instagram I promised to give my first thoughts on the Compkart. We've been on an OTK variant since our return back to "2 Stroking" in 2014. One of the main issues that we've found is their fragility and the fact that it doesn't suit my...
  17. Adam Fathers

    Technical What year is my zip kart?

    Hi guys Any way I can identify what year my zip cadet kart is? Can it by identified by the zip number stamped on the chassis ?