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  1. General go karting survey

    please reply to this survey
  2. General More bookings on weekdays

    Hey everybody, I'm new to this forum so hope this is ok. But I'm wondering what everybody is doing at the moment to get bookings on weekdays? Are you open 7 days a week? Do you believe in discounting on the days that you are not fully booked? Do you sell your products on other websites as well?
  3. For Sale 40x Rental Go karts- biz kart and Sodi kart

    Genuine reason for sale! Job lot of Biz and Sodi karts- around 50 in total. Choice of 160cc cadet karts, 200cc adults, 270cc adults and twin engine chassis. All engines are genuine Honda Gx engines. Can make a good deal if everything is sold as a job lot. I am also happy to split. The chassis...