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  1. Team13Karting

    Sold Birel Bambino, Strong Motor and Spares Package

    2014 Birel Chassis, lasers straight. Is actually a β€œmix some fuel and go” outfit” πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚ (Obviously limited use over the past two seasons due to COVID) Soixante prepared motor with solid clutch and selected carburetor (which has just been ultrasonically cleaned). Showed 3.29 on their dyno...
  2. Wanted Senior Evo Rotax package wanted.

    Hi guys. As it’s approaching the end of the season I’m wondering if anybody is selling up. Looking for a complete package as we are total beginners and have nothing. Modern chassis, a couple of engines & spares hopefully. Max budget Β£4500 Thanks πŸ‘