bayford meadows

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  1. Adam

    General Race weekend!

    Looking forward to this weekend at Bayford Meadows. Have a good one all, wherever you may be racing/testing ;)(y)
  2. Adam

    General Testing at Bayford friday 12th

    Testing at Bayford friday 12th if anybody fancies it. Late notice I know, forgot to post when I booked earlier in the week :censored: @Billywatts is there wearing out the tarmac too :oops::LOL:
  3. Adam

    General Bayford Meadows Kart Club 2022 DATES!

    Looks like Ian has confirmed we are still running Maxxis Sports too. No confirmation on wets yet. And the Kent Championship will finally return! Confirmation of 2022 Kart Club Meeting dates. February 19/20th - Warm up Meeting Bayford Meadows Championship Dates (9 Rounds) March 19th/20th April...
  4. George Barker Racing 63

    Driver Journal George Barker

    Hi my name is George and i'm racing in the Junior Rotax class next year (2022) I will be focusing on Bayford Meadows hoping to get in the top 3 of the championship after winning the Super One title in Minimax I feel like its best to move to the more powerful engine thank you for reading my post!
  5. CraigBrown4004

    Technical Honda GX160 Clutch Change

    Newbie alert! Just bought my son a Honda cadet and need to change the clutch for different gearing for Bayford meadows. Couldn’t see anywhere online, can anyone tell me if it has a reverse thread on the shaft for the main nut? Also if anyone knows what rear sprocket to use for Bayford, that...
  6. Adam

    General Bayford Meadows - Final Instructions 18/19th Sept

    See below and attached gents, Ian has sent out the final instructions for Round 6 to everybody via email. Looking forward to this one! 😁 Entry list -
  7. 97Lewis

    Driver Journal Lewis Holt-Brown

    I've finally got some time on my hands so I thought I'd at least make a start on a drivers journal. I've been hooked on karting ever since my old man took me for a look over tilbury...I started indoor karting on my 14th birthday (1998) and raced there - Rayleigh indoor karting for 2 years. I...
  8. Adam

    General Bayford Meadows R5 - 14th/15th August

    Time to get booked in lads! @Billywatts @Gibby @Mike44Smart @97Lewis I wonder what the weather will be like? :LOL::ROFLMAO:
  9. Adam

    General Bayford Meadows On-Board with Tom Lawson

    Bayford Meadows On-Board with Tom Lawson. A great insight into getting in some 'quick laps' at Bayford Meadows. Just remember what works for Tom, may not work for you. But an epic insight either way! Tom's last meeting's results in Rotax 177 posted by GMS: Date: 18/07/21 Qualifying: P1...
  10. Billywatts

    Driver Journal Billy Watts #51

    Been meaning to do one of these for a while, finally gave into @Adam ‘s persuading 😂 Introduction - My first year back in karting for 7 years, racing in the 177 rotax class at BMKR and some on off rounds in the LIKC. Now that we are 4 rounds into the championship at bayford and currently...
  11. Karting Tutorial How to be quick in a Hire Kart at Bayford Meadows

    Hi Everyone, Here's a link to a track guide I wrote about being quick in a Hire Kart at Bayford Meadows. Owner Driver is out of my price range at the moment but I love driving this track and have started to do pretty well in the monthly SuperPro races...