2018 kosmic

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  1. For Sale 2018 Kosmic kart package junior rotax

    Late 2018 ex Jason lockwood kr sport kosmic. Ran for the last few meetings of 18 and kept for spare personal kart through 2019. Ran sparsely due to covid. Motor has been rebuilt by hrs with selected xh evo barrel, evo piston rod and crank dyno with after Xmas. Sealed 4 hours use and full evo kit...
  2. Off-Topic Introduction - Harvey

    Hello everyone, I have just signed up to this forum. I have been racing since 2015. I have had this kart since late 2018 racing Junior Rotax at Ellough Park. From 2019 I have been racing Senior Rotax and I am now sadly putting this 2018 Kosmic kart up for sale on here, as next year I will be...