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If has helped you out in anyway, or maybe you just like the platform and want to help? You can show your valued support by donating via one of the methods below. We offer either one-off or monthly donation options. You can even donate in Crypto! will continue to be a free platform and support the Karting community. All operational costs and development efforts are covered by ourselves and no features are locked behind any kind of paywall. Please do not feel obilgated to donate, but we very much appreciate your support if you did so, every little helps!

Donations will go towards costs of keeping this place running, then branch out to things like competions, prizes and giveways when funds allow.

So what do you get for donating?

  • Satisfaction that you are helping and supporting our community.
  • Unlock the 'VIP Club Member' profile badge.
  • Unlock the 'VIP Club Member' achievement.
  • Unlock a gold bold style font for your username.
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You can view all our Community Ranks & Badges via the Resource Center here.

Cryptocurrency Donations

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Thanks so much for your support! đŸĨ°đŸ

** VIP Club Member status will be active based on the same period as PayPal donations **

Note: Due to the nature of Cryptocurrency we'll need to manually upgrade your account to 'VIP Club Member' status. Just drop a member of staff a PM or send us an Email. You can donate a one off amount or on a regular basis, it's entirely up to you!

PayPal Donations

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