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  1. General Help for getting started

    Hiya Adam, Yeah I've been told I can give them a call to discuss further so I'll do that when the shop is back open. My local track is Rissington, not sure yet what they use but I know DRS is a big thing for them.
  2. General Help for getting started

    Hi All I've contacted my local club to enquire about how best to get started and I've been referred to the Daniel Ricciardo Series, but I've done some research and it's not something I think would be good for a complete novice/spectator like me who just wants some initial track time. In an...
  3. Driver Journal James 'Adam' Pell - J. A. Pell & Son Motorsport - #66

    Cheers Adam Without hijacking your journal (please delete after if necessary), I was also hoping to find a journal from someone who's built a kart from the ground - if you know of any on here or online (I've tried but no luck) please do let me know. The dream for me would be to build my own...
  4. Driver Journal James 'Adam' Pell - J. A. Pell & Son Motorsport - #66

    Hi Adam, Just wanted to say the effort you've put into your journal is inspiring to a 28-year old spectator such as myself. I've finally decided to take the plunge and reach out to my local club to get started. I'm looking forward to get stuck in and learn every aspect of the sport. Who knows...
  5. General Best Bring Your Own Kart Tracks in UK

    Hi All Can you kindly share your best tracks in the UK to arrive and drive in your own kart? I've also seen the prices vary quite a lot depending on which circuit in UK you book with. Any help/advice is appreciated.
  6. General New to Karting

    Hi all, I've only ever gone karting twice in my life and I'm 28, but I want to start taking it serious as a hobby. I've been studying the science but want to get out there and see what I'm made of - would you recommend a day's introductory course to learn a bit more hands on? I've found some...