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  1. Wanted Kart Seat Medium/ Small

    I am really sorry I had to deal with family matter. Thank you for replying. I don't think that will be work for my son, is he a skinny lad - like his dad!
  2. Wanted Kart Seat Medium/ Small

    Hi Lee, Thanks for sharing the image. What sizes are the two Tillett seats on the right of the pictures. I was looking to spend around ÂŖ20 but I recognise that this might be too low for you. Have a good evening.
  3. Wanted Kart Seat Medium/ Small

    Hi Lee, Thanks, that would be great if you can. Do let me know how much you are looking for for them Cheers, Dale
  4. Wanted Kart Seat Medium/ Small

    Hello there, I am looking to make a weighted kart seat for my son when he takes part in rental leagues, so I am looking for a used kart seat that I could modify to ensure he is about the minimum weight. Please let me know if you have a seat you are looking to sell. Thanks.
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