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  1. Team13Karting

    General Starting out at bambino’s

    Apologies for being late to the party with this one, it's been a busy couple of weeks! If you were to ask my honest advice, at 7 years old I'd give Bambino a miss entirely and look to get a half decent Cadet outfit to test on until he's old enough. I think the Bambino class is going to go...
  2. Team13Karting

    Sold Birel Bambino, Strong Motor and Spares Package

    It wasn't going to hang around very long at that price. Guy was really nice and we're giving him some after sale service as well πŸ‘
  3. Team13Karting

    Sold Birel Bambino, Strong Motor and Spares Package

    Somebody coming to see it on Sunday. I would have had a few more over in the past week and a half , but we've had to shut away the kids for 10 days due to them both testing positive. πŸ™„
  4. Team13Karting

    Sold Birel Bambino, Strong Motor and Spares Package

    2014 Birel Chassis, lasers straight. Is actually a β€œmix some fuel and go” outfit” πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚ (Obviously limited use over the past two seasons due to COVID) Soixante prepared motor with solid clutch and selected carburetor (which has just been ultrasonically cleaned). Showed 3.29 on their dyno...
  5. Team13Karting

    Technical Comer C50 clutch

    Apologies, I've been uber busy over the past few weeks with racing and work. My one piece of advice would be to get the solid clutch. It's almost maintenance free and stops you having to play "Clutch Spring Roulette" because you never know when they're going to snap. But yes, keep 'em clean...
  6. Team13Karting

    Driver Journal Team Thirteen Karting

    Loving it. Just the fact that when you make a change it's noticeable....
  7. Team13Karting

    Off-Topic F1 Italian GP

    With the Stewards on this one. Max was never truly alongside and the gap was always going to close on the second part of that chicane as Lewis apexed it. The fact that he tried to apex it later and Max still hit him by going over the sausage kerbs probably tells you everything you need to know....
  8. Team13Karting

    Driver Journal Team Thirteen Karting

    Well, we're into September and a few races have passed. Round two of the AFKC didn't go as planned. Despite winning two of the heats in the wet, we suffered tyre issues in the third heat and final meaning we finished off the podium. The Dragon Cup at SWKC IKR was a different affair, where I...
  9. Team13Karting

    Karting Tutorial How To Make A Consistent And Successful Pass

    Send it. Here endeth the lesson... πŸ˜‚
  10. Team13Karting

    Driver Journal Team Thirteen Karting

    Well it's been a fair few months since our last update. There have been postings, exams, job changings, house moves and all sorts. And if there wasn't that, then there was COVID and then racing when we were able and allowed to. We've been getting more to grips with the Compkart, with some...
  11. Team13Karting

    Technical The rules!? - Lightweight Rotax/Lithium Battery

    We're still running with lead to make weight, even after a little Covid belly. I don't need one of those batteries..... Yet πŸ˜‚
  12. Team13Karting

    Technical Wheel and Tyre Info

    I would start at 20psi all round. Then adjust dependent on how long the grip takes to come in, or whether it's chewing up the tyres. (That's not taking into account front width, rear width, castor angles etc....)
  13. Team13Karting

    Technical Wheel and Tyre Info

    Ah, now there's a question. Very much dependent on the chassis, setup and also whether you're sprint racing or doing Endurance