Trophies awarded to RiderJake

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    Well Informed 🏆

    You enabled our email news letter and summary.
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    Stranger 🏆

    You haven't logged in for 30 days, where have you been?
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    Collector 🏆

    You have been awarded 10 trophies.
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    Winner 🏆

    You have been awarded 5 trophies.
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    Settled 🏆

    6 months of membership.
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    Newcomer 🏆

    1 month of membership.
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    Probation Is Over 🏆

    1 week of membership.
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    Community Newbie 🏆

    Unlocked the rank of Community Newbie.
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    Classy 🏆

    You entered your Karting Class.
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    Customised 🏆

    Selected a custom profile picture.
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    Founding Member 🏆

    Thanks for helping us create by being one of the first to sign up and post. Display your limited edition 'Founding Member' badge with pride! Founding members joined before 2022.
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    Validated 🏆

    Validated your membership by confirming your email.
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    First Post 🏆

    Completed your first post.
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    Finders Keepers... 🏆

    You found us and now we know how you did!
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    Registered Member 🏆

    Registered at, welcome!