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  1. Paul Inglesfield

    Found Rotax Exhaust Mounting

    Hi, looking for an exhaust mounting kit for our Rotax Max exhaust! I know these are on ZipNorth for £35, but second hand would do.
  2. Paul Inglesfield

    Check My Insta'! Alpha Sura Racing

    After a collarbone break, and COVID19 we finally begin our journey into the world of karting.
  3. Paul Inglesfield

    Feedback/Suggestion Karting Myths

    Hi, i think the forum could benefit from a 'Karting Myths' section. Reason being, 18 months ago when we were starting out, I was given some information by a Kart Republic representative down at my local track that I now know not to be 100% accurate (or at least misleading to a newcomer). I was...
  4. Paul Inglesfield

    For Sale Junior Rotax Engine

    Is it likely to run or does it require anything to get it running?
  5. Paul Inglesfield

    For Sale Junior Rotax Engine

    Hi, is the engine still for sale?