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KartingForum.co.uk aims to provide a central hub for all aspects of Karting in the UK, for the public and trade community alike. Our bespoke and unique platform offers General Karting Discussions, Karting Technical Setup Discussions, Driver Journals & Project Logs, Karting News & Bulletins, Karting Classifieds, Karting Trade Promotions, Karting Tutorials, KartingForum.co.uk merchandise & Competitions and Much More!

Our bespoke platform is a unique and personal mechanism into the world of Karting and it's industry. KartingForum.co.uk is a modern, feature rich, and secure platform which is far superior compared to todays mundane 'social media' outlets in many ways. This is all hosted on a secure hosting service, providing all users with SSL/TLS end to end encryption, between KartingForum.co.uk and it's users. We also offer two step authentication via email or an authenticator app, which adds an extra layer of security to your account. Keeping it secure and to ensure it's controlled by the correct person.

Whatever your roll within the Karting industry, you can use our platform to build your extensive Profile and customise it to represent yourself or your brand. This feature rich service is exclusively provided by KartingForum.co.uk. We have the potential to give you maximum exposure to rest the Karting industry and others within our vibrant community based platform. We would like to welcome you all, whether you are a Driver, Track, Shop, Manufacturer, Tuner, Team, Event Organiser etc. Register a free account to start your journey!

We are here to help you all equally and fill big gap within the Karting industry. Many thanks for using our platform and we hope it makes you prosper in the direction you desire.

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