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KartingForum.co.uk Hospitality đŸ’Ŧ
KartingForum.co.uk News, Competitions & Merchandise and Off Topic Discussion.

News, Competitions & Merchandise ❕ New Content ❕

The latest updates from the KartingForum.co.uk team, regarding our unique platform and popular social media network.

For example: KartingForum.co.uk related News, Competitions, Giveaways & Merchandise.

Hospitality Lounge

A place for NON Karting related and OFF TOPIC discussion.

For example: Introduce yourself, talk gaming, computers, cyrpto, gaming consoles, sim racing, web design, hobbies, other motorsport, tv, movies, music, fitness, ask advice, general life etc.

Karting Discussions & Driver Journals ⭐
General & Technical Karting Discussion & Driver Journals.

General Discussion ❕ New Content ❕

General Karting related discussion including Owner Driver, Corporate & Rentals.

For example: All general Karting Discussion, Beginners & Newbie chat, Driving Technique, Equipment, Tools, Gear, Trolleys, Stands, Helmets, Gloves, Boots, Suits, Meets & Events.

Technical & Setup Discussion ❕ New Content ❕

Technical & Setup Karting discussion for all classes, chassis & engines.

For example: Dry & Wet Setup, Chassis, Engines, Carburettors, Exhausts, Bodywork, Homologation, Data Logging, Transponders, Batteries, Electronics, Seats, Cooling, Clutches, Chains, Sprockets & Gearing, Tyres & Rims.

Driver Journals & Project Logs ❕ New Content ❕

Promote yourself and use this section as a continual log to document your Karting journey. You can also use this section to show off your Karting related rebuilds and restoration projects.

For example: Log your progress & achievemnts, Promote yourself as a driver, Document and log your current rebuild projects.

Karting Classifieds & Trade Promotions 🛒
Karting Classifieds consisting of Karts & Karting related items for sale or wanted. Trade Promotions from various businesses within the Karting industry.

Complete Karts & Packages ❕ New Content ❕

Complete Karts and related items for sale & wanted.

For example; Complete Karting Packages, Complete Karts, Complete Karts & Extras, Retirement Packages, etc.

Engines & Parts

Kart engines and related items for sale & wanted.

For example; Complete Engines, Bare Bones, Jets, Radiators, Exhausts, Looms, Carbs, Clutches, Airboxes, Spark Plugs, etc.

Chassis & Parts

Kart chassis and related items for sale & wanted.

For example; Complete Chassis, Bare Bones, Sprockets, Axles, Brakes, Hubs, Bodywork, Chainguards, Seats, Wheels & Tyres, etc.

Miscellaneous ❕ New Content ❕

Any other Karting related items for sale & wanted which do not fit into any of the other sections including jobs and voluntary roles.

For example; Tools, Trailers, Transponders, Batteries, Lap timers, Helmets, Trolleys, Sprays, Cleaners, Oils, Lubricants, jobs & voluntary roles.

Trade Promotions ❕ New Content ❕

Trade Members can promote their business, products, events, services & goods etc. A great opportunity to promote your business to prospected clients. They can also interact in our private Trade Club.

For example: Shops, Tracks, Manufacturers, Engine Builders, Teams, Coaches, Event Organisers etc.

Karting Tutorials & Guides 🧰
General & Technical Karting related tutorials and guides for beginners to the experienced Karter.

Tutorial Directory ❕ New Content ❕

A collection of Karting related tutorials found and posted from around the internet or created by the users here at KartingForum.co.uk.

Gearing Guide & Calculator

A easy to use yet advance Karting Gearing Guide & Calculator. Shows speed & ratio, Gives a good basline for gearing setup and is up to date & current.

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