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Karting Discussions & Driver Journals ⭐
General & Technical Karting Discussion & Driver Journals.

General Discussion ❕ New Content ❕

General Karting related discussion including Owner Driver, Corporate & Rentals.

For example: All general Karting Discussion, Beginners & Newbie chat, Driving Technique, Equipment, Tools, Gear, Trolleys, Stands, Helmets, Gloves, Boots, Suits, Meets & Events.

Technical & Setup Discussion

Technical & Setup Karting discussion for all classes, chassis & engines.

For example: Dry & Wet Setup, Chassis, Engines, Carburettors, Exhausts, Bodywork, Homologation, Data Logging, Transponders, Batteries, Electronics, Seats, Cooling, Clutches, Chains, Sprockets & Gearing, Tyres & Rims.

Driver Journals & Project Logs ❕ New Content ❕

Promote yourself and use this section as a continual log to document your Karting journey. You can also use this section to show off your Karting related rebuilds and restoration projects.

For example: Log your progress & achievemnts, Promote yourself as a driver, Document and log your current rebuild projects.

Karting News Feed ❕ New Content ❕

A selection of Karting news and announcements from around the globe, all squashed into one easy to read article feed.

Please get in contact if you want your news feed published or removed from here.

All content posted is owned by it respected owners. It is automatically posted here using RSS.

Karting Classifieds & Trade Promotions 🛒
Karting Classifieds consisting of Karts & Karting related items for sale or wanted. Trade Promotions from various businesses within the Karting industry.

Complete Karts & Packages

Complete Karts and related items for sale & wanted.

For example; Complete Karting Packages, Complete Karts Chassis + Engine, Complete Karts & Extras, Retirement Packages, etc.

Engines & Parts

Kart engines and related items for sale & wanted.

For example; Complete Engines, Bare Bones, Jets, Radiators, Exhausts, Looms, Carbs, Clutches, Airboxes, Spark Plugs, etc.

Chassis & Parts ❕ New Content ❕

Kart chassis and related items for sale & wanted.

For example; Complete Rolling Chassis, Bare Frame, Sprockets, Axles, Brakes, Hubs, Bodywork, Chainguards, Seats, Wheels & Tyres, etc.


Any other Karting related items for sale & wanted which do not fit into any of the other sections including jobs and voluntary roles.

For example; Tools, Trailers, Transponders, Batteries, Lap timers, Helmets, Trolleys, Sprays, Cleaners, Oils, Lubricants, jobs & voluntary roles.

Trade Promotions ❕ New Content ❕

Trade Members can promote their business, products, events, services & goods etc. A great opportunity to promote your business to prospected clients with sales, coupon codes, special offer etc. They can also interact in our private Trade Club.

For example: Shops, Tracks, Manufacturers, Engine Builders, Teams, Coaches, Event Organisers etc.
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Karting Tutorials & Guides 🧰
General & Technical Karting related tutorials and guides for beginners to the experienced Karter.

Tutorial Directory

A collection of Karting related tutorials found and posted from around the internet or created by the users here at KartingForum.co.uk.

Gearing Guide & Calculator

A easy to use yet advance Karting Gearing Guide & Calculator. Shows speed & ratio, Gives a good basline for gearing setup and is up to date & current.

KartingForum.co.uk Hospitality đŸ’Ŧ
KartingForum.co.uk News, Competitions & Merchandise and Off Topic Discussion.

News, Competitions & Merchandise

The latest updates from the KartingForum.co.uk team, regarding our unique platform and popular social media network.

For example: KartingForum.co.uk related News, Competitions, Giveaways & Merchandise.

Hospitality Lounge

A place for NON Karting related and OFF TOPIC discussion.

For example: Introduce yourself, talk gaming, computers, cyrpto, gaming consoles, sim racing, web design, hobbies, other motorsport, tv, movies, music, fitness, ask advice, general life etc.

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